Review: Tequila Gran Diamante, Complete Lineup

Review: Tequila Gran Diamante, Complete Lineup

Tequila Gran Diamante is a new brand out of Jalisco (by way of Southern California), using Highlands agave to make a full line of three tequilas which are bottled in some of the most over-the-top decanters I’ve encountered in years. While these bottles trickle into bars and retail, we received samples of the complete lineup to review. Thoughts follow.

All expressions are 80 proof. NOM 1460.

Tequila Gran Diamante Plata – Unaged (presumably, it isn’t officially stated). Initially quite light on the nose, the tequila slowly unfolds to reveal simple green agave and herbal notes, followed by lemon peel. After 20 or so minutes in glass, an earthiness emerges that adds some complexity. The palate is soft and light, some spun sugar notes giving it a certain sweetness along with a spritz of lemon oil. The creamy body lets some of those underlying agave notes through after a time, the clearly herbaceous character complemented with notes of fresh linen and a hint of white chocolate. It’s a bit dusty at times, with lingering pepper notes on the finish, but overall a solid — and ultimately complex — experience. B+ / $57 

Tequila Gran Diamante Reposado – Aged 8 months in French oak barrels. Very light color. Agave is pungent on the nose here, as are those gently lemony notes evident in the plata. I never got that earthy character, but otherwise the tequila smells about the same as the plata. The palate is quite a departure, however, offering a light touch of vanilla atop a brightly citrusy spirit that sees its agave well-integrated into a gently herbal but enduring core. Lingering notes of cinnamon-dusted flan and a mild peppery character give this an intensely inviting finish that, I confess, kept pulling me back in. A / $62 

Tequila Gran Diamante Anejo – Aged 18 months in French oak; still quite light in color for an anejo. Curiously, the nose here takes a strong turn toward citrus elements, with aromas that evoke mandarin orange oil and orange flowers. The bold agave in the reposado is absent here, replaced by floral aromas that give it a heavily perfumed character. On the palate, this comes across as similar to the reposado, but with a creamier, more caramel-heavy character to the body. Still in effect are the baking spice notes, cinnamon-heavy flan character, and a light dusting of herbal agave — but that lattermost element is decidedly mild, a pop of bright lemon peel quickly whisking it away. While I think the reposado is brighter and more fun, fans of a more immersive, rounded, and oilier tequila should find this anejo equally hard to put down. A- / $90 [BUY IT NOW FROM CASKERS

Tequila Gran Diamante Anejo




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