Review: Ferment Brewing Nitro Dry Stout

Review: Ferment Brewing Nitro Dry Stout

A relatively new brewery, Ferment Brewing Company opened in 2018  in Hood River, Oregon. They offer a range of beers in various styles, including ales and lagers. Today we’ll be trying their Nitro Dry Stout, brewed in the tradition of Irish stouts. Ferment also brews an Imperial stout which boasts 11% abv – much heavier than this Nitro Dry Stout, which has a more modest abv of 4.5%. One important detail that distinguishes Nitro Dry Stout is the inclusion of nitrogen directly in the can. Unlike some canned beer, which includes a Nitrogen widget, Nitro Dry Stout is canned with the nitrogen already introduced to the liquid, as is sometimes done with pre-packaged nitro cold brew coffee.

Following the instructions on the can, I gave Nitro Dry Stout a gentle shake and then poured the jet black beer into a glass where it showed a small but dense foamy head. The creamy character of the beer is noticeable in the nose, which also introduces the lovely note of roasted malt that is typical of Irish style stouts. The palate follows suit, and I really appreciate how creamy and clean this beer tastes. The nitrogen imparts a silky mouthfeel, and the beer presents a slightly bitter, dry roasted character followed by a subtle finish of bitter chocolate that quickly fades away, urging another sip. Refreshing, roasted, and quite dry, Nitro Dry Stout is a lovely American example of the Irish style.

4.5% abv.

A- / $16 per four-pack of 16 oz cans /

Ferment Brewing Nitro Dry Stout




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