Review: Equiano Rum Light

Review: Equiano Rum Light

We loved the original Equiano, a dark rum made in Mauritius, aged in Cognac barrels, and blended with Foursquare rum from Barbados, so hopes are high for this first line extension from the brand: a light rum that’s made in basically the reverse way.

Equiano Light starts with pot-distilled molasses rum from Barbados’s Foursquare, aged in bourbon barrels for at least three years, then blended with column-distilled, unaged rum made from fresh sugarcane juice in Mauritius, Africa.

The resulting rum is very light in color, gently golden in hue — light but certainly not white. Pretty and floral on the nose, the mix of traditional molasses and agricole-style rum is evident, sprinkling in notes of caramel sauce, vanilla, a bit of barrel char atop the lightest aroma of racy petrol. The palate picks up from there, pouring on a fruity character that evokes notes of baked apple, coconut, and more vanilla — more like soft serve ice cream here. A hint of cinnamon creeps in on the finish, which is bright and rather sweet, almost like a churro at times — though that vague, column still industrial note always manages to creep in around the edges as the spirit fades out.

This is an easily approachable yet wholly complex rum that works just fine on its own but seems like just about the perfect “near” white rum for use in your favorite cocktail. Daiquiris, here we come.

86 proof.


Equiano Rum Light




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