Review: Mezan Chiriqui Moscatel Cask Rum

Review: Mezan Chiriqui Moscatel Cask Rum

Mezan produces a range of rums from all of over the Caribbean and Latin America, and its latest is this offering born in Panama, which starts with column-distilled molasses that is aged in second-fill American white oak casks, then finished in Portuguese Moscatel wine casks. No sugar is added.

Rich and earthy on the nose, the rum comes off as aromatically austere — toasty and woody, with no real hint of the Moscatel finishing. Hints of white pepper give the aroma some spice, but none of the expected sweetness. That all changes on the palate, where the rum quickly brightens up and showcases a distinctly sweet edge, notes of sugar cookies, apricot jam, and gentle coconut water all making an entrance. The body is modest and never syrupy, lithe but rather short when it comes to intensity. It could certainly use a bit more power in that department, though the finish of fresh barrel notes and some lingering sesame oil is hardly offensive.

80 proof.


Mezan Chiriqui Moscatel Cask Rum




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