Review: 2019 Vurria Di Giovanna DOC

Review: 2019 Vurria Di Giovanna DOC

Sicily is an important wine region in Italy, producing mostly red wines with substantial body and flavors. The region has a Mediterranean wine climate, with long, warm and sunny days and an overall dry growing season. Nero d’Avola is the dominant black grape in Sicily and is cultivated throughout the entire island. This grape is apt for the warm climate, and tends to yield wines with deeper flavors of black fruits like black cherry and plum alongside with pepper and tobacco spices.

Vurria has a dark ruby color, appearing almost black. Black fruits and spice flavors come through on the nose and when tasting the wine, the same notes are achieved, particularly black plum, tobacco, and herbal flavors of licorice and bay leaf. The wine has great levels of acid and a substantial body to balance out the somewhat high alcohol of 14%.

Vurria is a certified organic wine and grapes are grown at 2800 feet altitude, which helps retain some of the acidity in the grapes despite the warm temperatures. It shows some complexity from its brief aging in oak barrels and feels like a wine that can accompany many meat dishes, like a beef stew with potatoes.

B+ / $22 /

2019 Vurria Di Giovanna DOC




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