Review: 2020 Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten DOC

Review: 2020 Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten DOC

Wines from northern Italy and the mountainous region of Alto Adige are often light to medium bodied, high in acid, and fruit forward, which in general is a result of growing grapes in high altitude vineyards. And they are delightful. The black grape used to make the 2020 “Bischofsleiten” from Castel Sallegg is called Schiava and is native to Alto Adige, producing a generally medium bodied, fresh and vibrant wine with juicy red fruits.

On the nose the wine offers raspberries, red plum, and cherry in particular. Violets and a hint of vanilla also come through. The same flavors are shown when tasting the wine, lots of lovely raspberries and cherry, and now with a little strawberry at the end of the line. Bright and beautiful, this wine is delicate, bringing out the lovely fruit and floral notes along with the medium levels of alcohol.

This is a perfect red wine for both colder and warmer days, preferably served somewhat chilled. The 2020 Bischofsleiten would be well-paired with warm melted cheeses like fondue or nachos for the occasional apres-ski, not to mention going well with milk chocolate for dessert.

A- / $15 /

2020 Castel Sallegg Bischofsleiten DOC




Anine is a wine and travel writer for Drinkhacker. She is a native Norwegian and holds the WSET 3 certification in wine.

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