Review: Union Trail Bourbon 5 Years Old

Review: Union Trail Bourbon 5 Years Old

Union Trail Bourbon is a new sourced blended bourbon release exclusive to Mash&Grape, the online spirits purveyor produced in collaboration with The Bourbon Enthusiast, a bourbon community founded by James Ashcraft that offers reviews and private barrel programs to its subscribers. The only information available on the bourbon so far is per the Mash&Grape website, and it’s almost completely useless:

Union Trail Bourbon is a unique collaboration between Mash&Grape and the Bourbon Enthusiast. Expertly crafted and hand selected, Union Trail brings together the best that American Whiskey has to offer. We combine exceptional single barrels from different states to create a spirit that is rich in flavor, aroma and taste, and embodies the true nature of the classic American bourbon. We embarked upon the project with a goal of creating bold blends that defy expectations. And to bring the finest whiskey to your glass.

Update: Union Trail wrote with some addition production info after our review was published:

Over one year in the making, Batch No. 01 is bottled at 100 proof, utilizing a patient proofing process and bottled without chill-filtration to preserve maximum flavor. Distilled in Indiana with a mashbill of 75% corn, 21% rye, 4% malted barley and aged five years, nine months in new #4 charred oak barrels. Batch No. 01 will be followed by subsequent batches.

The first release of Union Trail is an extremely small batch of just four, hand-selected barrels and will be available online at

This is most likely a one-and-done offering as they are already out of stock, but we managed to get our hands on a bottle and would be remiss not to share our experience.

The nose is one of the most balanced in recent memory, with a well-tuned complexity of deep layered sweetness of s’mores (with the cinnamon, roasting marshmallows, and chocolate) and a strong presence of oak. The nose is soft but not thin and it immediately beckons a sip. The velvety palate starts out with a hint of smokiness that stops short of coming across as peaty. It is followed by oak and leather notes which are surprisingly gentle, with more of a deep mellow sweetness of warm brown sugar which serves to temper and tone down the prominent oak notes. The sweetness fades in the finish and lingers faintly with a grip of leather and an occasional cinnamon pop. There is plenty of sweet notes hanging on at the end, but it rests fairly lower in the mix compared to the notes of oak and dry cocoa powder.

While I lean toward higher proof whiskeys, Union Trail seems to sit just right at 90 proof, offering up something very drinkable while still providing something to think and talk about. This is finely tuned bourbon with just enough nuance to please those looking for something different once in a while without coloring too far outside the lines.

100 proof.

A- / $80 /

Union Trail Bourbon 5 Years Old




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