Review: Bell’s Uberon

Review: Bell’s Uberon

Oberon, the wheat beer that put well-known Michigan microbrewer Bell’s on the proverbial map, officially went barrel-aged last fall. Dubbed Uberon, this beer was already familiar to some devotees of the Comstock-based brewery from its infrequent appearances at special tap events and local beer festivals over the years. In August 2021, just as Oberon’s summer release wrapped up, Bell’s decided to launch it into broader, but still limited, distribution. Presumably, they’ll keep the same seasonal handoff for 2022.

This American Wheat Ale spends an unspecified amount of time aging in ex-bourbon barrels, but it’s apparently long enough to acquire a pretty boozy profile. The website even describes it as classic Oberon “with a shot of bourbon dropped in.” How does this Boilermaker in a bottle taste? Let’s find out.

Uberon pours a burnished gold, only a slight shade ruddier than Oberon, with the same pillowy white head. The aroma is bourbon forward and booze heavy, with big, creamy vanilla notes complimenting the malty sweetness, subtle spice, and lemon peel of the summery wheat beer at its core. The palate is as crisp and refreshing as the classic, and just as unobtrusive and easygoing, despite the barrel aging and amplified abv. Notes of cinnamon toast, vanilla pudding, and lemonade are clean but a bit muted, which is somewhat surprising for a barrel-aged brew. Not sure I’d peg this one as a winter sipper, but it’s definitely too drinkable for a beach season release. I, for one, would need to camp under the pier.

11.3% abv.

A- / $14 per four-pack / 

Bell's Uberon




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