Review: Cana Cachaca

Review: Cana Cachaca

Cãna is a new brand producing cachaca in Brazil from thrice-distilled sugarcane, distilled in large pot stills, then filtering it through coconut husk charcoal. No real surprises in how it’s made, so let’s dive right in to a tasting.

This cachaca features a relatively mild nose, lacking the sharp petrol character you often find in the spirit. There’s definitely a bit of an industrial quality to it, but it comes across as more rustic than overbearingly fuel-like — almost grassy, with notes of melon rind and a touch of underbrush in the mix. The palate features a vibrant and surprising sweetness — here heavy with fresh melon notes, slightly salty, a bit like an antipasto. The grassy notes remain in effect well into the finish, which has a more brooding, earthy quality to it, with hints of pepper and an edge of root beer.

Cachaca is rarely a spirit that tends toward complexity, but the versatile, well-crafted Cana proves itself impressively as a solid cocktail ingredient and one of the top options in this space.

80 proof.

A- / $35 / 

Cana Cachaca




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