Review: Amazzoni Gin

Review: Amazzoni Gin

Amazzoni hails from Brazil and lays claim to being Latin America’s “most awarded gin.” That may be tough to fact-check, so let’s focus on what we do know: The gin is made in the first distillery in Brazil that’s exclusive to gin, and Latin America’s largest craft gin distillery. While Amazzoni’s base spirit is (presumably bulk) “cereal alcohol,” there’s plenty of more detailed info about its unique botanical makeup:

Amazzoni … brings together from this land five ingredients never explored before as botanical principles in a gin: Juniper berries of course, and then laurel, lemon, coriander, tangerine and pink pepper. Plus the first-time ingredients from the heart of the Amazonian forest: cocoa, Brazil nut, maxixe, victoria regia, and cipò cravo. [Details on all of these can be found here.]

Today we’re looking only at Amazzoni’s straight, sometimes branded as “premium” gin. The company also produces two other varieties, an Old Tom style and a curious black gin, which we haven’t seen. Let’s dig in.

Spoiler alert: This ain’t your father’s Tanqueray. There’s definitely a lot going on here, starting off with a nose that’s woodsy and earthy, notes of underbrush melding with ample pine elements. Those overtones continue well into the palate — dry as could be, with notes of sassafras, white pepper, coriander, and a long-simmering, smoldering earthiness that is intense andwell- spiced, offering secondary elements of indistinct citrus peel — more lime than tangerine — and a touch bitter on the finish. The gin isn’t particularly refreshing and the classic, bracing sense, more understated and distinctly verdant, with hints of lime leaf taking things out.

My expectation is that this will be a somewhat divisive gin, not a versatile operator but more of a brooding thinkpiece to serve as a base for a complex cocktail.

84 proof.


Amazzoni Gin




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  1. peter warren on March 29, 2022 at 8:14 am

    Dear Christopher,
    i just read your review of Amazzoni Rio Negro.
    you have described the taste sensations well.
    you are right about its use in cocktails, but i tried it with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic and ice and found it to be a ” balls out ” explosion of intriguing flavours !

    Peter Warren
    Spirits Consultant

  2. peter warren on March 29, 2022 at 8:16 am

    sorry you were reviewing the regular Amazzoni.
    try the Rio Negro !

  3. Dan Hempey on December 11, 2022 at 12:30 pm

    The Rio Negro has been my go to gin for a Negroni for about 3 years now. Superb, and also with a fever tree tonic for a G & T, of with the London Essence tonic water – Rosemary flavor.

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