Review: Broken Shed Vodka (2022)

Review: Broken Shed Vodka (2022)

It’s been 10 long years since our last (and initial) look at Broken Shed Vodka, a spirit made in New Zealand and distilled four times from whey. What’s changed since 2012?

If my tasting notes are any judge, not a lot. The vodka has a distinct sweetness on the nose which evokes sweet cream, giving it a dessert-like aroma to kick things off. The medicinal astringency is present but quite light, on both nose and palate, which slides gently toward sugary notes of lemon custard, vanilla, and a creaminess that comes across a bit like vanilla ice cream. A hint of bitterness gnaws at the finish, but it’s mild and works well enough as a foil against what’s comes before.

If you’re a fan of sweeter vodka styles, Broken Shed works exceedingly well. Traditionalists however will likely find this to be too cloying, especially in spirit-forward drinks like a martini.

80 proof.


Broken Shed Vodka (2022)




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