Review: Viss Vodka – Ballet Blue and Blush Blossom

Review: Viss Vodka – Ballet Blue and Blush Blossom

Remember how we said that fresh, organic infused vodkas were the hottest trend in the category? Well, they say the exception makes the rule, and here it is in the form of Viss, a candy-colored, heavily artificially flavored vodka that’s imbued with a sparkly substance that makes it shimmer in the bottle and in the glass — provided you shake it up enough. (It may not be organic, but it’s “100% authentic,” the company says.) If you remember Viniq, you know what we’re talking about.

Made in Malaysia, Viss is now available in at least six flavors, two of which we received for review… reluctantly. Thoughts follow.

Each is 34 proof.

Viss Vodka Ballet Blue – This color doesn’t exist in nature, and neither does this flavor: somewhere between bubblegum and blueberry candy, with notes of juiced lime adding some acidity. It’s incredibly sweet up front but less cloying on the finish than you’d expect, thanks to that lingering citrusy element brightening things up. Could be worse.

Viss Vodka Blush Blossom – More strawberry than the intended cherry flavor, this pinkish libation arrives with an even stronger sugar component, heading into cough syrup territory as the finish arrives. Again the creators seem to have attempted to sneak some citrus in here — lemon or grapefruit, perhaps — but this time out it can’t come close to keeping up with the sugar. D+

each $25 /

Viss Vodka Ballet Blue




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