Review: Hanson of Sonoma Pink Grapefruit Vodka

Review: Hanson of Sonoma Pink Grapefruit Vodka

Hanson of Sonoma’s latest vodka flavor is a natural (and seasonal) one — grapefruit, made much like its other spirits, starting with a distillate of organic grapes and infusing it with real, organic, hand-peeled grapefruit. (It’s no joke: You can see the pulp floating in the bottle here.)

It’s usually hard to get excited about vodka, but this is outstanding stuff, offering an authentic grapefruit aroma that doesn’t feel overly sweetened or at all chemical in construction. The bittersweet character of grapefruit comes across perfectly, but never overwhelms. You can still taste the underlying vodka, fresh and crisp, while a punch of citrus gives the finish a refreshing lift. Amazingly versatile as a cocktail base, and solidly priced to boot.

80 proof.

A / $25 /

Hanson of Sonoma Pink Grapefruit Vodka




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