Review: NV Domaine Bousquet Charmat Brut

Review: NV Domaine Bousquet Charmat Brut

We recently tried Argentina’s Domaine Bousquet Charmat Brut Rosé, and today we swing around to try Domaine Bousquet Charmat Brut.

This wine is the mirror image of the former, with the rosé sparkler being 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay the regular brut reversing those proportions. Pale straw in color, this sparkling wine has a very light nose, offering gentle notes of granny smith apples and lemon. There is ample effervescence, but the bubbles are somewhat large, lending the wine a bit of a seltzer mouthfeel and less of the silky creaminess that is the hallmark of good Champagne. The fizz settles a bit and the mouthfeel improves after a few minutes in the glass and as you make your way through the bottle.

The palate is much more forward than the nose with slightly sweet lemon and lime coming first, followed again by a touch of granny smith apple. The high acidity help it pair well with food, but the finish is fairly short. For the price, though, it’s certainly worth trying.

B / $13

NV Domaine Bousquet Charmat Brut




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