Review: Dewar’s Japanese Smooth Mizunara Cask Finish 8 Years Old

Review: Dewar’s Japanese Smooth Mizunara Cask Finish 8 Years Old

Dewar’s “Smooth” blended Scotch whisky #4 is here, an obvious addition to the lineup which is finished in Japanese Mizunara oak casks. The whisky carries an 8 year old age statement, but the finishing time is not disclosed.

Let’s give it a try.

Well, I’ve had a lot of Japanese whisky and I’m hard-pressed to find a connection between the category and Dewar’s Japanese Smooth. The nose is heavy with charred oak notes and unexpectedly powerful notes of smoke, fading into a hospital character that offers aromas of camphor, followed by a strange teriyaki beef jerky note.

Instantly weird and hard to pin down, the whisky at least settles down a bit on the palate, while still showcasing its more savory notes, albeit backed up by gentle fruit — pears, lemon peel, golden delicious apples. A slightly plummy character, perhaps an attempted nod to Japan, emerges as the finish approaches, but the dominant flavors that stay behind comprise smoky, toasted cereal notes — lightly sweet, but filtered through the remnants of the chimney, to be sure.

This is a decidedly scattered, and again, quite strange, whisky, and for all of $25 you probably won’t overly regret the investment should the “Mizunara” emblazoned on the label suck you in. That said, it bears zero resemblance to anything actually produced in Japan. I can’t imagine that was the point, but in today’s trying times, who can say?

80 proof.


Dewar's Japanese Smooth Mizunara Cask Finish 8 Years Old





  1. 3DPhil on November 23, 2021 at 6:34 am

    In my opinion, you overrated this whisky. I found an off-putting note in the nose and the palate. I definitely would not recommend this bottle.

  2. spinoneone on December 3, 2021 at 12:09 am

    Suntory began selling “Japanese Whiskey” in Japan in 1929. It was an imitation of Scotch. We all know there are now some excellent Japanese made whiskeys available. Apparently Dewar’s is not one of them.

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