Review: NV Sweet Bitch Moscato Rose

Review: NV Sweet Bitch Moscato Rose

Yes, you’re reading this right. A rose of moscato — from Italy — in an opaque pink bottle, called Sweet Bitch. At all of 6% abv, it’s hard to imagine a more harmless bottle of wine — despite the evil eyes staring out at you, and despite the incredible sweetness. Hey, this is moscato, after all, and fans of the style willing to look past the labeling may find it of interest. (Or, you know, because of the labeling.) Honey-sweet and bold with candied peach and apricot notes, and with a clear but fairly light frizzante character, the wine is straightforward — though not wholly memorable outside of its massive sugar rush.

I will add that I cooked with some of it, to delightful effect.

B- / $8

NV Sweet Bitch Moscato Rose




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