Review: Nashville Barrel Co. Single Barrel Rye, Bourbon, and Rum

Review: Nashville Barrel Co. Single Barrel Rye, Bourbon, and Rum

Earlier this year, David introduced you to Nashville Barrel Co., a new, non-distilling producer based out of Nashville’s Railyard District that offers an impressive portfolio of single barrel whiskeys and rum, as well as a small batch rye, the second batch of which thoroughly impressed us over at Drinkhacker HQ. In addition to their own batched whiskeys and single barrels, the brand is pursuing a pretty aggressive private barrel program. We received cask strength samples over the summer of some of these single barrel offerings, presumably all of which have, by now, been selected as private barrels by some lucky bar, restaurant, or overzealous whiskey club. Thoughts follow.

Nashville Barrel Co. Single Barrel Straight Rye Whiskey – The Small Batch Rye really impressed, and this is essentially a single barrel of the same, 95/5 sourced rye. Our sample was aged a healthy eight years. The nose shows that age with notes of seasoned wood, pastry cream, Snickerdoodle cookies, and a generous helping of dried dill. The palate is rich and full-flavored with big notes of brown spices, apple pie filling, and candied ginger. There’s a wonderful balance in this one, and even at cask strength, it’s remarkably approachable with a silky caramel and black pepper finish that begs to be revisited. 109 proof. A / $100

Nashville Barrel Co. Single Barrel Straight Bourbon – There’s no info on source or mashbill for this one, but the sample was labeled as seven years old. The aroma is gently sweet with a soft, toasted wood note, mild spice, and some bright peeled citrus notes. On the palate, a spoonful of raw honey, sticky and sweet, quickly gives way to chewy caramels, vanilla pudding, and jackfruit. There’s a nice warming heat across the mid-palate that fades into the finish with more caramel sauce, a bit of butter pecan ice cream, and lingering notes of cocktail cherries and candied orange peel. A classic bourbon profile. With fruit salad on top. 109 proof. A- / $90

Nashville Barrel Co. Barrel Aged Rum – This rum was sourced from Venezuela as a four-year-old product and then re-barreled into freshly dumped whiskey barrels from Kentucky and Tennessee where it aged another two years in the Nashville climate. You can immediately tell this is cask strength rum from its big aroma of flambéed bananas, baking spice, and fruity ester-fueled funk. The palate is rich and quite decadent with dark brown sugar, vanilla frosting, banana chips, and buttery pineapple upside down cake. There’s a ton of flavor here and minimal heat despite the proof. The finish is long with molasses and grilled peaches. An exceptional rum. 135 proof. A / $70

Nashville Barrel Co. Single Barrel Straight Bourbon




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