Review: 2017 Sosie Pinot Noir and Red Blend

Review: 2017 Sosie Pinot Noir and Red Blend

Two wines from the increasingly reliable Sosie brand recently arrived for our consideration. So let’s consider:

2017 Sosie Pinot Noir Spring Hill Vineyard – This Sonoma Coast bottling is a dazzling example of the Sonoma Coast style — rich in body, boldly cherried, and layered with nuance that runs to dark chocolate, hazelnut, and a hint of pepper. Seductive but never overblown, it drinks beautifully on its own but is enhanced by a proper food pairing — which, come to think of it, would be tough to go wrong no matter which way you decided to go. A / $45

2017 Sosie Red Blend Cavedale Vineyard – This wine from the rarely seen Moon Mountain District is a field blend of 45% cabernet sauvignon, 45% merlot, and 10% cabernet franc. While it’s not quite the delight of the pinot noir, it has plenty of charms on display, including a sultry currant character, layered notes of violets and gentle green herbs, and some milk chocolate on the finish. The slightly doughy body is where it loses me, though I wonder if a few years in cellar might help brighten it up. B+ / $45

2019 Sosie Pinot Noir Spring Hill Vineyard




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