Review: 2021 Cocktail Courier Gift Sets

Review: 2021 Cocktail Courier Gift Sets

Nine months ago there was a more optimistic tone to reuniting in public spaces. In an article published at the time, I intonated a foolish sense of optimism that folks would be congregating in large spaces safely without having to worry about catching anything that could potentially land them on a ventilator. Thankfully we are close to this point, but not as much as I had envisioned. So I’m still trying to keep outings to a minimum until things here in Kentucky plateau just a bit. And thankfully, Cocktail Courier is still up and running.

For those unfamiliar, Cocktail Courier is a monthly subscription delivery service presenting a wide variety of cocktails at your door, with all of the ingredients, stemware, and directions one could possibly require to mix a cocktail with confidence and competence, no previous skill level necessary. Always wanted to make a cocktail like the ones you order at restaurants, but fail to have any sort of talents? Now’s your chance.

The latest editions were delivered in their usual packaging, which still holds the title of being “abundantly sturdy,” with no damage to the ingredients inside whatsoever. Each kit arrived with its own ingredients and a recipe card that was incredibly easy to follow.

The first box featured a lovely spritz of Select Apertivo and Prosecco, along with a garnish of green olive and a splash of soda water. The stemmed wine glasses and bar spoon were pro-grade and the digestif made for a refreshing pre-dinner drink in the middle of our final heatwave of the summer.

The second box featured the M&M cocktail: a 50/50 cocktail of Amaro Montenegro and Mezcal, with an orange slice for garnish. The heat and smoke along with a wave of citrus and sour is a complex and delightful notion, one that would pair excellently with a well-smoked brisket or expertly prepared steak. I could not get enough of this and tried variations on the drink using different mezcals. This might just be my cocktail of the fall.

As usual, the presentation and recipes were well done and everything was incredibly easy to follow. This may prove to be a point of contention to those who savor a bit more complexity or have a bit more experience behind the barware, but the minimal approach is effective for those craving enjoyment through quality and simplicity. Pandemic or not, it’s still one of the best cocktail values around.

A- / $30 to $50 per month (depending on subscription of choice) /

Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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