Review: Strike Performance Accelerator Energy Beverage

Review: Strike Performance Accelerator Energy Beverage


Strike makes no bones about its value proposition as a “performance accelerator energy beverage.” Consider this another contender in the evolution of the “sports drink” category, made ubiquitous first by the likes of Gatorade and followed suit by brands such as Monster, which relies mostly on caffeine and sugar to perk you up for physically intensive activity, with some electrolytes added in for good hydration measure.

The difference with new performance beverages coming to market today is that they often include nootropics and adaptogens. Soon, L-Theanine (supposedly counters the jitters from caffeine, another ingredient in Strike) and Rhodiola Rosea (allegedly aids increased mental focus and endurance) will roll off the tongue as smoothly as spirulina.

At Drinkhacker we can’t attest to the health or enhancement claims of the ingredients, but we can surely take this for a quick spin to see what it tastes like. So let’s go.

Currently the only flavor available is “Tropical.” And to cut to the chase, the coloring, aroma, and taste are very much reminiscent of watermelon Jolly Ranchers. There is an aftertaste of artificial sweetener, courtesy of sucralose, and for some, it is an enjoyable or at least undistracting flavor; others may be discouraged from a repeat experience. There are in turns a peachy sweetness, then a strawberry tartness. These flavors do become a bit overbearing over a few sips; I can imagine it’s a beverage best consumed gulping down an ice cold bottle expediently before a workout, and perhaps not for casual drinking poolside. (That said, putting aside it’s intended use, I did throw a splash of seltzer and tossed in a lime and it wasn’t bad as an al fresco-like summertime sipper.)

All in all I much prefer Strike to Gatorade, although the sucralose aftertaste can be a divisive point for some. Also, my inexpert recommendation is to restrict consumption until further research is conducted on the effect of the active ingredients over time and in larger volumes.

B+ / $30 per six-pack of 12 oz bottles

Strike Performance Accelerator Energy Beverage




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