Review: NV Gazela Vinho Verde (Canned)

Review: NV Gazela Vinho Verde (Canned)

You can find Gazela in bottles, but now this low-abv wine is also available in 250ml cans. At just 9% abv, the whole thing will cost you all of 87 calories.

It’s a curious expression of Portugal’s vinho verde, a lightly fizzy and decidedly fleet-footed experience, heavy on notes of fresh apple with a spritz of lemon, with ample fresh floral notes to back up the fruit. It at times comes across with an autumnal cider character, hinting at baking spices on the back end — though all filtered through a modest haze of effervescence.

No harm trying it at this price.

B / $3 per 250ml can /

NV Gazela Vinho Verde




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