Review: 2019 Alessandro di Camporeale Benede Catarratto

Review: 2019 Alessandro di Camporeale Benede Catarratto

I find it so exciting to share wine varietals that I’ve just discovered myself with others. The varietal catarratto, which I was introduced to this summer, is no exception. Catarratto is a white wine grape from Sicily. It is one of the oldest, and leading, grape varieties in the area. It is also probably the easiest drinking wine I’ve ever experienced. But don’t be fooled by this wine’s easy drinking nature, it’s still a respectable 13% alcohol and quite dry. If you’re a pinot grigio fan, definitely give catarratto a try for something a bit different and more flavorful, but which is every bit every bit as good with multiple food pairings. If you like sauvignon blanc but are ready for a wine that’s little softer, this wine is a perfect option.

This specific catarratto, from Alessandro di Camporeale Benede, is so wonderfully drinkable. It has a little frizzante, probably unintended but not unwelcome. It has notes of lime and superb minerality, and it’s incredibly clean, with low acidity. As I said before, it’s delicious with almost any food. No need to limit it to the white wine list of seafood, salads, and aperitifs, though it goes well with those foods too. You know what else it goes great with? A budget. At only $17 it’s a fantastic buy.

A / $17

2019 Alessandro di Camporeale Benede Catarratto




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