Review: 2019 Skyside Chardonnay North Coast

Review: 2019 Skyside Chardonnay North Coast

Surprisingly flat, this North Coast chardonnay offers a palate of baked apples, guava, and just a hint of lemon peel, though all of this is exceptionally restrained — its body almost watery at times. At the same time, the wine is completely harmless. It’s gentle, laced delicately with caramel and vanilla notes, with touches of saline on the back end. Getting there is easy street, though — and the wine’s finish offers almost nothing to hold on to, slipping away from the drinker’s grasp with nary a second thought. Strange for a wine hailing from one of California’s more aggressively flavor-forward regions.

B / $16 /

2019 Skyside Chardonnay North Coast




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