Review: 2018 Colomé Malbec Estate

Review: 2018 Colomé Malbec Estate

Prior to suggestion from a friend working with South American winemakers, I was tragically unfamiliar with this vineyard. It was a grave misstep on my part, as Colomé wines appear to garner high praise and consistently place on top 100 and best-of lists from our publishing colleagues. Let’s see if this 2018 Malbec meets high expectations.

Bold and aromatic, the wine wastes absolutely no time getting down to brass tacks with blackberry, violet, and oak on the nose all demanding immediate attention. The body feels smooth and is rich with cocoa nibs, brown sugar, and even more crushed blackberry, and the elements never really overpower one another, only complement. The lingering finish is on the dry side but packs a most enjoyable burst of heat towards the end.

This would be a crowd pleaser at any special occasion and is a lovely introduction to the Colomé line. I purchased a second bottle to rest for a year so and cannot wait to get reacquainted.

A / $30

2018 Colomé Malbec Estate




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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