Book Review: At Home in The Wine Country

Book Review: At Home in The Wine Country

First, a bit of minor housekeeping: there are no wineries or wine to be found within the 240 pages of At Home In The Wine Country. Those would be found in the excellent companion volume The New Architecture of Wine: 25 Spectacular California Wineries which co-author Heather Sandy Herbert published back in 2019. So if expectations are to survey the amazing architecture and environmental design found at these establishments, it may be best to turn your attention there.

That said, co-authors Herbert and Chase Reynolds do Wine Country an immense justice, capturing the rich and distinctive styles of 17 homes and 4 structures through gorgeous photography and gripping storytelling. Detailing the breadth of architectural styles from the rustic and agrarian to sleek, minimal structures, each structure is presented with great care and detail. Reynolds and Herbert leave no stone unturned and no accent unchecked with a writing style commensurate to the ambitions of each architect’s vision.

There’s great effort put into presenting stories free of pretense, distilling technical jargon down in a way which is accessible to the most novice of readers. With crisp, well-lit photography, it’s the next best thing to being there and the reader, hopefully with a glass of their favorite red or white in hand, will enjoy a great escape within these pages. It’s the first collaboration between the duo, both of whom have decades of experience in the field. Fingers crossed this is the first of many.


At Home in The Wine Country




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