Review: Pastis Henri Bardouin

Review: Pastis Henri Bardouin

For those requiring a brief overview: Pastis is an anise-flavored liqueur usually served as an aperitif and served with cold water. Pastis Henri Bardouin arrives from Distilleries et Domaines de Provence and features a secret proprietary blend of 65 herbs and spices. It is not an absinthe but could be considered close kin.

The label suggests serving in a ratio of four ounces of water to one and a half ounces of pastis, adjusted accordingly to your personal preference. For the sake of this review, I followed the label’s instructions (although I would tweak it a bit to have less water).

A strong current of aniseed runs throughout from the initial approach to the finish, but there’s also a very inviting aroma of tarragon, black licorice, and a faint trace of mint on the nose. There’s a very clean, balanced palate as one would expect with an aperitif, with loads of lemon, licorice, and faint traces of wormwood and summer herbs throughout. There’s also a long, potent finish which travels into savory territory. The licorice/aniseed combo is still there on the back end, but as it diminishes there are traces of lemon and black pepper which keep things interesting. Quite the treat to celebrate summer’s ending.

90 proof.


Pastis Henri Bardouin




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