Review: A Trio of 2020 Provence Roses

Review: A Trio of 2020 Provence Roses

It’s wonderful that rosé has graduated from a seasonal wine to one that can be enjoyed any day. And while it can be enjoyed any time, it is most often appreciated in the heat or alongside outdoor activities. There was a point, back when I thought I knew something about wine, that if I was drinking rosé, I’d only drink Provence rosé. That’s changed, of course, but I recently had the opportunity to sample three shining examples of beautiful roses from Provence to relive that magic.

2020 Chateau Grand Boise Sainte Victoire Rose – This Cotes De Provence rose is a soft, elegant, beautiful wine. It has a lovely supple mouthfeel. It’s dry, but lush, with notes of floral, mineral, and white peach. This is a romantic wine, perfect with picnics, and beach reads. It is well worth its price point. My current favorite. A / $27

2020 Des Anges Rose – A lively, succulent wine. It’s vibrant and juicy a just a little earthy, unusual in a rosé, but also quite welcome. It has a slight, perhaps unintentional but enjoyable, frizzante on tongue, plus bubblegum on the nose, with notes of strawberry and pink grapefruit on the palate. This is an exuberant wine that still retains its grace and style and is also super affordable. A- / $15

2020 Chateau la Martinette Rose – The bottle is stunningly elegant, yet the wine is surprisingly approachable. I found this to be the boldest of the three rosés, though still dry and forward with peach notes. B+ / $28

2020 Chateau Grand Boise Sainte Victoire




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