Review: Natural Light Sour Seltzers, Complete Lineup

Review: Natural Light Sour Seltzers, Complete Lineup

Natty Light, the brand you know and love, is spreading its wings with numerous new products including, of course, a malt beverage-based seltzer, which is available in four flavors. The twist? They’re all sour — the first ever sour seltzer, per the company — so fans of the mouth-puckering stuff may find them a refreshing alternative to sweeter (or bittersweet) offerings from other producers.

Let’s taste this exciting quartet.

All are clear and canned at 6% abv.

Natural Light Sour Lemon Seltzer – Sour with an indistinct fruit character, followed by notes of ReaLemon. Gentle carbonation wanes with time in glass — you’re drinking this from a glass, right? — leaving behind a not unpleasant powdered lemonade note. B

Natural Light Sour Apple Seltzer – Less aggressively sour than the Lemon, with more of a chemical overtone and a doughy, indistinct finish. Apple-flavored anything is never my go-to, and this offering doesn’t do much to change that opinion, but big Appletini fans may find this more to their liking. C

Natural Light Sour Watermelon Seltzer – The closest experience to a Jolly Rancher that you’ll find in this mix, and one of the least clearly sour expressions in the quartet — coming off as more salty than sour. Like anything watermelon flavored, it doesn’t resemble the fruit of the melon at all, but if your jam is sour candy-flavored booze, this one’s for you. B-

Natural Light Sour Blue Raspberry Seltzer – We’re fully in Candyland for this one — blue raspberry is not a real thing, after all — and again it’s not aggressively sour, instead giving its berry-blasted, cotton candy core a slight acidic lift. The finish is surprisingly sweet, a bit more so than anything else in the mix — yet ultimately quite harmless. C+

$14 for a variety 12-pack /

Natural Light Sour Watermelon Seltzer




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