Review: Bache-Gabrielsen VS Tre Kors Cognac

Review: Bache-Gabrielsen VS Tre Kors Cognac

This entry level Cognac is a blend of 25% Grande Champagne/Petite Champagne eau de vie and 75% Fins Bois eau de vie. It spends just two years in small oak barrels before bottling, qualifying it as a VS expression. Let’s dive in.

The nose has many of the hallmarks of young Cognac — slightly astringent and toasty with fresh lumber notes, but expressive with sweet fruit elements. Few surprises await on the palate, which is sweet and expressive with notes of ripe banana, apple, and caramel, fading to notes of lemon curd and chocolate with time in glass. The slightly perfumed notes of clean linen, a classic component of young brandies, are well represented here, eventually making their way toward a spicier, incense-dusted character on the finish. There’s plenty to enjoy here, but the expression does come across as rather blunt and a bit saccharine, its sweetness lacking any sense of nuance.

For straight sipping, this expression won’t blow any Cognac fan’s mind, but it would be fine in, say, a Sidecar.

80 proof.

B / $38 /

Bache-Gabrielsen VS Tre Kors Cognac




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