Review: West Cork Stout Cask Matured Irish Whiskey

Review: West Cork Stout Cask Matured Irish Whiskey

On the heels of its IPA Cask Matured Irish Whiskey, West Cork is back with another beer-aged bottling. Like the IPA edition, the name here is misleading: This is finished in Irish stout casks, not fully aged in them. (And like the IPA edition, the beer comes from Blacks of Kinsale and is limited to 9400 bottles produced.)

Some added details:

West Cork Stout Cask finished blended Irish whiskey is a 75:25 blend of grain & malt Irish whiskey crafted using Irish malted barley and Irish wheat, tripled distilled and aged in first fill bourbon casks for four years. The malt and grain components are then blended and aged for an additional 6 months in casks that had held Ireland’s Blacks of Kinsale’s beloved Stout offering.

The whiskey does a solid job at balancing the classically Irish core with the influence from the stout cask. The nose is rustic and a bit peppery, masking the somewhat aggressive cereal note underneath. The palate evokes stout, but loosely, offering notes of chocolate and malty caramel, winding its way to almond nougat, orange peel, and a nutmeg note on the finish. It’s never overwhelming with its evocation of stout, but dig deep and you’ll at least find enough of it to keep your mind from wandering.

80 proof.

B / $32 / 

West Cork Stout Cask Matured Irish Whiskey




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