Review: Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin and Apiary Gin

Review: Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin and Apiary Gin

New Hampshire’s Tamworth Distilling produces some unusual products, including Graverobber Unholy Maple Syrup Flavored Rye and The Deerslayer Venison flavored whiskey. They also make gin and, true to spirit, their gins include uncommon ingredients and have their own distinctive character.

Today we are sampling two gins, both of which draw botanicals from Tamworth Distilling’s own gardens.

Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin – In addition to typical gin botanicals (juniper, coriander distillate, angelica, lemon rind), Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin also includes hops. Actually three kinds of hops: Centennial, Citra, and Amarillo. Unusual choice, but it works here. On the nose, piney notes of juniper mingle with bright floral notes from the hops as well as lemon citrus. The proof point is quite high on this one, and it comes forward in the assertiveness of the nose, but shows a nice balance as the notes play back and forth. The palate is just as bold, and the flavors come together well. Floral and piney notes intertwine, with lemon coming in later, and a satisfying, bitter, hoppy finish for a long close. It makes a great gin and tonic, but it needs a bit of additional tonic to balance the gin’s strength. 96 proof. A- / $45

Tamworth Garden Aviary Gin – Raw local honey distinguishes Tamworth Garden Aviary Gin, which also features juniper, balsam poplar buds, and pine rosin. The gin pours pale yellow in the glass. The nose offers light pine mixed with mint and a gentle honey sweetness. The palate follows the nose and makes for a lovely sipping gin. Even with the high proof, I enjoyed it straight, with the flavors of pine and honey intermingling beautifully. There are more complex gins out there, but this one has some lovely flavors that are well balanced. An ice cube works very well, and it shines in a gin and tonic with a honey sweetness that lingers on the tongue in time for the finish. 92 proof. A / $55

Tamworth Garden White Mountain Gin




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