Review: 2019 Bernier Chardonnay

Review: 2019 Bernier Chardonnay

Bernier’s Loire Valley-sourced chardonnay continues to break with tradition by putting the varietal on the label instead of the region. In fact, chardonnay is a relatively rare but not unheard-of grape for this region, and Bernier proves that maybe more should be being done with it here.

Fresh and unoaked, this wine offers a heavy apple and pear character, gently buttery with just a touch of saline to offset the grape’s natural creaminess. The wine is definitely reminiscent of Chablis, though it’s a bit bolder in body, coming across as slightly doughy on the finish — though certainly not in a bad way. It’s definitely a contender that can stand up against many a lower-end white Burgundy, especially considering the price.

A- / $16 /

2019 Bernier Chardonnay




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  1. Elizabeth Hobby on May 1, 2023 at 10:30 pm

    I have to wonder what the reviewer was smoking when he tasted this. Crisp? Yes,as in sour. Light? Yes, as in forgettable. Doughy aftertaste? Yes,as in Alka seltzer after a bad night. Reminiscent of Chablis? No,if you can even remember that far back to your last Chablis, it’s completely undistinguished. Give this one a miss.

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