Visiting Sonoma’s Belden Barns

Visiting Sonoma’s Belden Barns

Looking for a wine country experience that’s well off the beaten path? If you don’t mind getting your feet dirty — you’ll need to open and close the gate when you come and go — Belden Barns is well worth your time, not just for the wine but for a stroll through the vineyards that ends at the farm’s “wishing tree.” It’s said that wishes written on paper and hung in its branches have an uncanny way of coming true.

We can’t write much about wishes, but we can talk about the wines, eight of which we sampled during a summer idyll here on Sonoma Mountain. We’ve covered the wines of Belden Barns before, but here’s a look at the fresh vintages coming out of this operation.

2020 Belden Barns Rose – Fresh and fruity, big strawberry note; pretty with a floral heavy finish. (Also available in cans now.) A- / $24

2020 Belden Barns Sauvignon Blanc – Bold grapefruit, pineapple, and guava punch; a bit of ammonia note on the finish this year. A- / $30

2019 Belden Barns Gruner Veltliner – Boldly mineral driven, almost steely, big with white flowers on the finish. A- / $30

2019 Belden Barns Pinot Noir Estate – A bit beefy, with notes of black cherry, licorice, and modest acidity. Sizeable body, but it feels a bit overly woody. B+ / $40

2018 Belden Barns Pinot Noir Serendipity – Much sharper acidity, brighter cherry, and some dark chocolate. Bright acidity and quite elegant. A / $50

2018 Belden Barns Syrah Estate – A bit tough, heavy on cherries with a touch of graphite and a bold, beefy finish. B+ / $46

2018 Belden Barns Syrah Cadabra – A massive upgrade, this wine pulls out so much fruit that it’s hard to believe it’s syrah. Huge with cherry, vanilla, nougat, and a slightly nutty character. A / $50

2018 Belden Barns Grenache Epiphany – Lots of vanilla, red berries, plum and chocolate. Great florals on this one. A- / $50

Belden Barns is open by appointment only.

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