Review: Saison Rum Sherry Cask

Review: Saison Rum Sherry Cask

The Saison Rum brand has been around for a few years, and our first encounter with it is this new release, an expression that is finished in both Cognac casks and sherry casks. The details are exhaustive, so here we go:

The expression begins with a careful selection of distillates from two distinctive Caribbean Islands (60% Trinidad and 40% Barbados). Following the distillation process, the batches of rums – in their respective islands – are put into ex-Bourbon barrels and aged for five years before they are transferred to Jarnac, France, to mature for another 12 months in ex-Cognac casks. Finally, they are blended for 3 months into ex-Xérès – Pedro Ximénez barrels, gradually reducing to 42% with no additional sugar.

A lot of work has gone into crafting this room, and it shows in the finished product. Boldly sweet and quite winey on the nose, the sherry’s influence makes itself known right away, with a sultry and slightly leathery aroma. The influence of both sugar cane and grape are readily evident on the nose — and the palate. Here, the PX sherry kicks in right away, offering that unmistakable punch of leathery, oxidized wine, but it’s balanced well with notes driven by the rum: maple syrup, red currants, and a lengthy sweetness that clings to the finish, offering lasting notes of chocolate and spice.

It’s a fun rum from start to finish, though it’s so complex it might be a little challenging to use properly. Skip the tiki drinks and instead think about rum Old Fashioneds — or simply sip this one straight. Great stuff.

A / $45 /

Saison Rum Sherry Cask




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  1. Kevin Y on June 4, 2022 at 11:57 am

    I have had this one a few times and it defintely a sipper with ice – better than Doorlys XO which is around same price range.

  2. Tim U on August 11, 2023 at 5:10 am

    Use Saisson Sherry Cask rum as part of a 50/50 split base in a daiquiri, ie 1 oz Saisson sherry cask, plus one ounce of (your favorite white rum) + 1 oz lime juice + .75 oz demerara sugar syrup. The sherry note makes the daiquiri even more refreshing.

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