Review: Bomani Cold Buzz and Vanilla Cold Buzz

Review: Bomani Cold Buzz and Vanilla Cold Buzz

Alcohol-infused coffee is increasingly a thing these days, with Bomani the latest to hit the scene. These 325ml cans come in two varieties: regular and vanilla, both made from cold brew coffee and “alcohol from sugar” — though they do not include added sugar in the mix. Let’s give them a try.

Both are canned at 5.7% abv. 110 calories per can.

Bomani Cold Buzz – This is a surprisingly thin experience, to the point where I thought I was sipping on weak instant coffee that someone spiked with a splash of rum. There’s no real character to the coffee because there’s not enough flavor in the mix for it to make much impact on the palate. The good news is that what is there is fairly harmless, slightly nutty with hints of coconut and some cocoa powder. And gone before you know it. B-

Bomani Vanilla Cold Buzz – Same product, with vanilla added. A fully expected this to be a great move, but the addition of vanilla shockingly does nothing to perk up this beverage. Instead, it largely overlays a pungent, chemical note atop what is otherwise a straightforward if unremarkable offering. The vanilla has none of the sweetness it needs to complement it, instead taking the underlying coffee in the wrong direction. Sugar would be a massive improvement on this one. C-

each $15 per four-pack of 11 oz cans /

Bomani Cold Buzz




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