Review: 2020 Schug Carneros Estate White Pinot Noir

Review: 2020 Schug Carneros Estate White Pinot Noir

White pinot noir is an uncommon wine variety, but actually, any red grape can be used to create a white wine by excluding the skins from the fermentation process, which is how all red color makes it into the wine. This is why champagne can include pinot noir yet appear pale in hue. Schug’s White Pinot Noir is pressed without any skin contact and then barrel fermented in French oak barrels. Let’s give it a try.

Poured in the glass, Schug White Pinot Noir appears straw colored with a very light but unmistakable red halo. An intriguing start. The nose introduces soft notes of orange citrus, peach, and honey. On the palate, honey comes first, but the wine is dry, not sweet. Peach and citrus follow along with some minerality and good acidity. The finish is fairly long as the flavors slowly dissipate. This is an unusual wine and worth trying for its distinctive character, but it doesn’t really wow me. None of the notes are offensive, but the finished product lacks excitement. At this price point, I was hoping for more.

B / $42 /

2020 Schug Carneros Estate White Pinot Noir




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