Review: Freeland Spirits Dry Gin and Geneva Gin

Review: Freeland Spirits Dry Gin and Geneva Gin

Open since 2017, Portland, Oregon’s all-women operation Freeland Spirits has come out with two new additions to its product line. Joining their standard gin and bourbon, Freeland Spirits is now making a Navy Proof Dry Gin and a product called Geneva, a genever-style gin. Let’s give them a try.

Freeland Spirits Dry Gin – This is a very bold gin. I was delighted to find that although it certainly is overproof and very assertive, it is also complex and well balanced. The nose is powerful, and the wave of alcohol coming out of the glass is intense. But along with the burn comes a rush of juniper, followed by lemon rind, grapefruit, and mint. On the palate, there is much to appreciate. Tried neat, the gin is strong, but it actually isn’t overpowering, and I enjoyed the clearly defined botanicals that stood out. Once again, the piney, pepper notes of juniper come first, joined by white pepper, a touch of sweetness, lemon rind, olive, and mint. The mint persists on the clean, long finish. This gin has a lot to offer with just a little ice, but it also stands out and pairs nicely with tonic. Considering the quality, the high proof, and the reasonable price, Freeland Spirits Dry Gin is one to seek out. 114 proof. A- / $36

Freeland Spirits Geneva Gin – Distilled from Oregon rye and infused with botanicals, Freeland Spirits Geneva is an unusual spirit (as most genevers tend to be). The distillates used in gins are typically distilled until they are flavorless and provide a neutral base for botanicals. Not so with Freeland Spirits Geneva, which has a pronounced rye character. The spiciness of the rye shows boldly on the nose and is joined by lemon citrus, mint, and a slightly unpleasant petrol note. The palate shows bold, spicy rye first, followed by a savory note of salted hazelnuts. The petrol note unfortunately carries through on the palate, and Geneva finishes with a bit of mint. Freeland Spirits Geneva isn’t for everyone, but for the adventurous fan of gin or rye, this could be an exciting option. 90 proof. B / $44

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