Review: A.G. Perino Vermouth – Dry and Sweet

Review: A.G. Perino Vermouth – Dry and Sweet

Here’s a new brand of vermouths, made in Washington and designed with affordability in mind.

A.G. Perino uses premium wines and natural flavors to produce a vermouth in classic Italian style. “While A.G. Perino is perfect in classic cocktails such as a Negroni or Manhattan, it was also designed to be outstanding simply on the rocks. Although many producers ‘back into’ vermouth using leftovers and what is at hand, I developed A.G. Perino from the ground up, similar in nature to the method of producing the world’s best gins,” remarked creator and winemaker Hal Landvoigt. “The base wine is equally as important as the additional layers of flavors captured by the herbs and botanicals. I wanted a vermouth with pronounced flavor.”

Strangle, Perino doesn’t say what the base wines used in these bottlings is. We won’t let that stop us, however. Let’s dive in.

Both are 16% abv.

A.G. Perino Dry Vermouth – Dry and rather indistinct at first, there’s a blunt bitterness and a roughness around the edges that gives the wine an oxidized character and which keeps the heavy, green herbal notes at the forefront of the experience. Lemon peel and grapefruit notes dominate on the finish, which fortunately brightens things up quite a bit on the fade-out. B-

A.G. Perino Sweet Vermouth – Tea-brown in color, this vermouth showcases a sweet rhubarb character, moderately spiced with notes of cinnamon and nutmeg. A bit sour as it develops on the tongue, clear notes of tamarind emerge on the chewy finish. B

each $10 /

A.G. Perino Sweet Vermouth




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