Review: The Finnish Long Drink – Zero, Strong and Cranberry

Review: The Finnish Long Drink – Zero, Strong and Cranberry

We first reviewed the original The Long Drink company’s version of the Finnish long drink (called Long Drink) here at Drinkhacker last year. They have added three new varieties to their line – Zero, which is a lower calorie version of the original; Strong, which has a higher alcohol content than the original; and Cranberry, which replaces the grapefruit and juniper berry flavors with natural cranberry and “other natural flavors.”

The new varieties offer the same light touch of alcohol, fruit, and sweetness that make for very refreshing drinks, especially in warmer weather. These are very straightforward and refreshing additions to the Long Drink Company lineup. Let’s dive in.

The Finnish Long Drink Zero – Nothing new here, this is strictly the lower calorie zero-sugar/zero-carb version of the “full calorie” original. There’s hardly a difference in flavors otherwise, which means it is just as refreshing as the original with the faintest of touches of alcohol and fruit flavorings. 5% abv. B+ [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

The Finnish Long Drink Strong – The alcohol peeks through a little more boldly here, but otherwise you can hardly taste the difference between the Strong and the Original (and the Zero for that matter). 8.5% abv. B+ [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

The Finnish Long Drink Cranberry – The cranberry flavors sit just as low in the mix as the grapefruit in the other versions, with a little tartness that gives this a nice twist from the others. Yet another well-balanced refreshing drink from The Long Drink Company. 5.5% abv. B+ [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

All of these drinks are enjoyable straight out of the can; but poured over just a couple of cubes of ice with a squeeze of citrus or mint is also quite nice on a hot day.

each $15 per 6-pack of 355ml cans /

The Finnish Long Drink Cranberry




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