Review: 2020 Maison No. 9 Rose Mediterranee IGT

Review: 2020 Maison No. 9 Rose Mediterranee IGT

Post Malone is back with the 2020 release of his Maison No. 9 rosé from southern France. We had the chance to try it last year, so let’s see how it compares.

No big surprises here: In trying the 2020, I find it similar to the 2019. Again, the wine exudes perfume, a pronounced floral character that largely hides the strawberry and touch of raspberry that can be identified on the nose. If you let the wine sit in the glass for a bit, the floral aspects settle down and the fruit has a chance to come forward. The palate is similar, with prominent rose and honeysuckle hiding some berry notes. The experience is improved by the wine’s bright acidity and dry character, but unfortunately diminished by a finish that, like last year, is oddly vegetal and not very pleasant. This wine may draw interest for its floral dimension, but at its price point, it has little to recommend it over other Provencal rosés, except for the fact that Post Malone had something to do with it.

B- / $22

2020 Maison No. 9 Rose Mediterranee IGT




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