Review: Johnnie Walker Blonde

Review: Johnnie Walker Blonde

Formally known as Johnnie Blonde from Johnnie Walker, this is an avowed mixer from the brand, “a brighter, sweeter whisky perfect for the fun-loving and the curious” and “one of the most versatile whiskies the team at Johnnie Walker has ever made.”

Launching exclusively in Houston, Texas, the summery blended whisky is indeed as light as a feather from start to finish. The nose is fresh and gently grainy, but more breakfast cereal than fresh-milled barley. Lightly nutty with a sesame cookie note, the whisky smells completely harmless, with a mild, ethanol-driven astringency giving the nose a touch of heat. The palate is certainly on the sweet side, though with a simple whisky like this, that works to its favor. Notes of pepper and some nutmeg perk up a butterscotch-heavy body; though here the sugar is fairly blunt, a white sugar or simple syrup character that gives the cereal notes a lift, but which adds little in the way of complexity. It’s fine as a mixer, really, but nothing special.

Sourced Cocktails is offering a limited edition cocktail kit (pictured above) with the whisky, but this is really a two-ingredient offering (Johnnie Blonde and Fever-Tree Lime & Yuzu Soda) that you can readily make on your own. That said, it’s a delightful summer sipper — the whisky pairing quite well with citrus — though note the kit is also available only in Houston.

80 proof.


Johnnie Walker Blonde




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