Review: 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila

Review: 21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila

21 Seeds is a new brand of flavored tequila made with all-natural fruit infusions. Available in three flavors to start — Valencia Orange, Grapefruit Hibiscus, and Cucumber Jalapeño — the tequila is “cultivated from a proprietary blend of agaves from the lowland and highland regions of Jalisco” and bottled without the addition of high fructose corn syrup. It’s unclear if the base tequila is 100% agave; it doesn’t indicate either way on the bottle or in the marketing collateral.

The spirits are designed “for Her by Her,” according to the company, and while I’m a he/him, I’m giving the Valencia Orange expression a try anyway. Let’s dig in.

On the nose: Exceptionally strong orange, tangerine-sweet, with no real evidence of the tequila underpinnings in the mix. Breathe deep and you get… a hint of lemon, vaguely floral. The palate is quite sweet, with a flood of orange followed by some vanilla and marshmallow notes. A sprinkle of green herbs is the only hint that this is tequila, not vodka — or possibly triple sec. If overwhelming orange character from start to finish is what you’re after, well, you found it.

21 Seeds feels like it’s tailor-made for margaritas (and you can skip the orange liqueur) — and little else that I can fathom.

70 proof.


21 Seeds Valencia Orange Tequila




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