Review: Confidence Beverage

Review: Confidence Beverage

The thought of someone slamming back a drink or two for a quick hit of confidence is not a new idea. Now there’s a new drink in town that aims to do just that — but without the buzz from either caffeine or alcohol.

Confidence Drink, a new beverage company, has launched Confidence (aka Confidence Beverage), a new non-alcoholic liquid which was formulated by two friends based on the desire to find a drink that helps their friends feel more, well, confident. In their words, “Confidence is a sugar-free, zero-calorie beverage infused with scientifically proven adaptogens formulated to give users confidence.”

The “functional ingredients” designed to boost your inner swagger include 5-HTP (to lower fear), rhodiola (to promote harmony), B vitamins (to boost your mood with 4x the daily recommended allowance), and GABA (to reduce anxiety). What is GABA? I won’t endeavor to be a health expert, so I will just say that this is the latest superfood phenom that is having a superceleb moment following the likes of lion’s mane, turmeric, and cordyceps.

But this digresses from why we are here today. Let’s get to know this new offering.

Confidence is a fascinating drink, and it’s tempting to just leave it with “you have to just try this for yourself.” But let me try to bring you into the zone.

The drink’s introduction unfolds with a deep velvety fuchsia-mauve color when poured into a glass. The first sip transported me into an aromatic spa with its intoxicating melange of fruity, herbal florals. Prompted by the thought of how this would be handy during dry January, I tossed in a few ice cubes and even bothered to slice a lime wedge for an impromptu mocktail of my dreams. The depth and body of the fruit and herb flavors are carried by both a sweet but non-sugary base and a dry but creamy maltiness. The can’s ingredients merely state that “fruit and vegetable” flavors are included, which is always a little discomforting, but the product does claim there are no artificial ingredients included. Monkfruit appears to be the base for the sweetness, giving the drink a fruitiness is akin to the softer line of berries and edible flowers (think elderberries and hibiscus).

Health or confidence-boosting benefits aside, my raw, honest, and unfiltered assessment is that Confidence is a very fine spirits alternative. I wouldn’t even consider this a cocktail base, it’s pretty nicely done on its own terms. It is complex and delicious with depth and substance in its flavor, and it’s a satisfying drink to linger over.  (And yes, I did sense a little uplift in mood, although I may attribute that to just how pleasantly surprised I was to find such a uniquely well-crafted drink masked behind the somewhat distractingly hi-def branding and imagery.)

A- / $40 for 12-pack of 222ml cans

Confidence Beverage




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  1. Kim Long on April 15, 2022 at 9:03 am

    Wow I was intrigued and definitely going to try the drink confidence, $40 for 12 pack. Way out of my budget. Can only hope that in the future people with a larger budget than I will continue to buy it in the price will drop.

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