Review: Volare Simple Syrup, Grenadine, and Lime

Review: Volare Simple Syrup, Grenadine, and Lime

Volare mixers are made in Italy (appropriately, given the company’s name), and they arrive in full size bottles which, unless you work in an airport bar, are probably guaranteed to spoil before you ever finish them off. Today we look at a trio of essential cocktail ingredients. Note that there are no notices regarding refrigeration on any of these bottles… but I would certainly recommend it once they’re open.

Volare Simple Syrup – I’m not sure I could ever make it through a 700ml bottle of simple syrup before it goes bad, but this product aims to make a case for it. Made from beet sugar, the palate’s character hovers closer to brown sugar than white, with a marshmallow note on the finish. I’m sure the subtlety will be lost in the typical cocktail. A-

Volare Grenadine – Made from beet sugar, artificial and natural flavors, and artificial coloring. Overwhelmingly cough syrupy and incredibly sweet, this tastes like strawberry jam and prune juice whisked into a slurry, with an ultrasweet finish that evokes pure brown sugar syrup. There’s so many better choices of grenadine on the market than this. C-

Volare Lime – 13% lime juice from concentrate, plus sugar and a host of additives, including artificial color. This is incredibly tart but reasonably lime-heavy, though no one would mistake this for the real thing. Something to keep on hand if limes are out of stock at your local market, I suppose — though again, 700ml is far more than one will ever need. B

each $10 per 700ml bottle /

Volare Lime




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