Review: Fishers Island Canned Craft Cocktails

Review: Fishers Island Canned Craft Cocktails

One of the pioneers of ready-to-drink cocktails is Fishers Island Lemonade, launched by Bronya Shillo in 2014 based off the popular signature cocktail served up at the Pequot Inn (based in Fishers Island), which was owned by her family. This year they have added 3 new flavors and a frozen version of their lemonade.

Their motto is “find your island.” So let’s see where we land as we chart our course through their full line.

Fishers Island Lemonade (“FIL”) – Fishers’ original cocktail is made of premium vodka, barrel-aged whiskey, lemon, and honey. This is the benchmark for any drink that promises you “summer in a can.” Straight out of the can, it is refreshing and crisp. Pour it over some ice and a garnish for fun, and you would not believe that there is not a bartender hiding around the corner that is squeezing lemons and jauntily shaking this up on the spot for you. There is no imbalance in any of the ingredients that you may find in other versions; the alcohol sits just right — and I cannot emphasize just how fresh and clean the lemonade tastes. 7% abv. A / $17 per 4-pack of 355ml cans 

Fishers Island Pink Flamingo – Here they’ve added fresh cranberry to the signature FIL, giving it a sunset pink hew. If the FIL is perfectly balanced and evokes sun-kissed bliss, this one will send you into island nirvana. The hint of cranberry actually brings out a zesty grapefruit flavor, complete with a welcoming hint of grapefruit rind to make your tongue dance. Be warned: There is not a trace of alcohol here. None. It would be tempting to sip on this all day long. At 7% abv though, it would be good to muster up some discipline, as challenging as it will be. A+/ $17 per 4-pack of 355ml cans 

Fishers Island Spiked Tea – This is a half-and-half blend of FIL and black tea. There is a pleasant and almost nostalgic dryness of black tea that has been sun-brewed here. It’s a weightier and edgier drink than the other two, with more detectable alcohol, but equally well-balanced and making you want to peek around the corner for that elusive bartender. 7% abv. A- / $17 per 4-pack of 355ml cans 

Fishers Island Fizz – The company describes this as “a lighter, refreshing, effervescent version” of the original FIL. At a slightly lower 5% ABV, its carbonation makes its more akin to a flavored seltzer, and perhaps the category they are aiming for. The maltiness of alcohol is slightly more pronounced but it is still a nice alternative if you’re looking for less of a cocktail and more of a bubbly crisp sipper. 5% abv. A- / $17 per 4-pack of 355ml cans 

Fishers Island Frozen Spirit Pops – FIL, but in a frozen tube that is going to be easily mistaken for your kids’ ice pops. No surprises here; it’s just an icy version of the FIL with all its rewarding taste and balance, but with a chance of brain freeze if you don’t curb your enthusiasm. 7% abv. A / $28 per 10-pack of 100ml sleeves 

There is no hint of anything artificial in any of these drinks nor do they taste overly sweet or overly alcoholic. The full line is the ultimate crowd pleaser, and I may be so bold as to say it is setting the bar for other RTD producers looking to win — and keep — fans craving that summertime vibe in a can. I recommend stocking up on Fishers for foolproof summertime cocktail sipping for any occasion and for any guest. [BUY IT NOW FROM TOTAL WINE]

Fishers Island Lemonade (“FIL”)




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