Review: 2020 Gaia Pinot Noir Rose Organic

Review: 2020 Gaia Pinot Noir Rose Organic

The Gaia collection hails from Domaine Bousquet’s estate vineyards in Tupungato, named after one of the highest mountains in the Americas near the Argentina-Chile border. Let’s go to the press release for a more formal introduction:

“…[Gaia] references the ancient Greek goddess of the earth, and an inspiration for the Bousquet family from the outset, going back to the late 1990s when as visionaries and intrepid pioneers they left their native France to buy and plant in virgin land, high in the remote Andean foothills of Argentina. Today Argentina’s foremost name in organically grown wines, Domaine Bousquet has farmed organically from the get-go, and as such the Gaia collection is made entirely from organically grown grapes.”

Lively and bright, appropriate for a spring brunch or outside patio dining, this 100% pinot noir has a delicate nose of ripe strawberries, magnolia flowers, and a faint note of pear. The palate is surprisingly rich, almost full-bodied, and favors fruit elements over floral but never goes too far out of balance. Stone fruit tempers the strawberry notes evident on the nose, along with a gentle hint of pepper and mineral elements. The dry finish returns the floral influence but also provides light acidity presenting a very clean conclusion. We gifted a bottle at a (very socially distanced) Kentucky Derby party at the time of this writing, and it was the first bottle on the table finished, phones grabbing snapshots of the label.

A- / $26 /

2020 Gaia Pinot Noir Rose Organic




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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