Review: Lagunitas StereoHopic IPA Vol. 1

Review: Lagunitas StereoHopic IPA Vol. 1

The StereoHopic Series is a new endeavor from Lagunitas, an ongoing line of special release beers that will each feature a pair of hop varietals, to see if something magical happens when these hops appear in combination. First out of the gate with Vol. 1 is a beer made with suddenly popular plus the always reliable Mosaic hops.

Let’s taste.

Despite the reputation of both of the hops strains in this mix, this isn’t the most thrilling of IPAs, a rather ruddy, mushroomy beer that has a somewhat doughy, earthy composition, coming across as almost muddy at times. The purported tropical/fruity notes of Nelson Sauvin don’t really show at all here, though there’s a spritz of lemon peel up front that gives the beer a bit of life. I liked this less and less as I sipped on my sample bottle.

7.2% abv.

B- / $14 per six pack / 

Lagunitas StereoHopic IPA Vol. 1




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