Review: Jose Cuervo Strawberry Light Margarita

Review: Jose Cuervo Strawberry Light Margarita

Almost a decade ago, the proprietor of this site sallied forth into the then-great unknown of light margarita mixes with less than favorable results. Undeterred and out of sheer force of will, tequila juggernaut Cuervo remains a major force in carving a niche market for folks who enjoy a marg or two but who wish not to splurge on the caloric intake.

So here we are again, another decade past and another take on the pre-mixed light margarita craze. Will the song remain the same or is there a new tune to be sung? Let’s go.

The name of the game here is sweetness. Pucker up, buttercup. Loads of strawberry syrup with a bit of bite coming from the triple sec and tequila. Eventually there’s a little bit of acidity and tartness coming through, bringing about the staple characteristics of what a margarita should taste like. Adding an extra splash of tequila helps temper the balance, but if instant is what you’re looking for, additional contributions should not be a necessity.

It may be encouraging for one’s health and complement one’s commitment to a low-calorie lifestyle to drink this, but the palate is so viscous and syrupy it may very well be worth it to have a cheat moment and go for the real deal. But if you are disciplined enough and wish to stay on the right track, this could do the job. Maybe.

19.9 proof.

C+/ $15 per 1.75 liter bottle

Jose Cuervo Strawberry Light Margarita




Rob Theakston is a contributing editor to Drinkhacker.

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