Review: Tequila Partida Cristalino Anejo

Review: Tequila Partida Cristalino Anejo

Partida keeps cranking out new luxe, high-end tequilas, but today we’re getting a look at a new entry into its standard lineup, a long-awaited cristalino expression. This expression takes an 18-months-aged anejo tequila then, as all cristalinos do, filters out the color, leaving it perfectly clear.

There’s big agave on the nose here — more than you’d expect from the typical anejo — though it’s filtered through notes of caramel and vanilla, melding sweet and savory fairly well. Butterscotch and lemon drops give the palate an immediate pop, followed by black pepper and a lingering, lightly grassy, herbal note. The finish is sweet and fairly straightforward, again gentle with a layer of fresh grass plus a touch of lemon.

Altogether I was expecting more complexity from this spirit, but it’s definitely well made and enjoyable enough despite being a relatively straightforward experience.

80 proof.


Tequila Partida Cristalino Anejo




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