Review: Simple Goodness Sisters Drink Syrups

Review: Simple Goodness Sisters Drink Syrups

Simple Goodness is the name of a Washington farm and the sisters in question use its produce to make a number of drink syrups, cocktail mixers with an artisan bent. We recently received two of the sisterhood’s lineup to taste, and our thoughts follow.

A 200ml bottle should be good for about 13 drinks. (The recommendation is 1/2 oz syrup, 1 1/2 oz spirit, and 6 oz sparkling water or other mixer.)

Simple Goodness Sisters Rhubarb Vanilla Bean Drink Syrup – The signature offering from SGS, you can visibly see the little flecks of vanilla in the bottle here, so shake well, as they settle to the bottom fairly quickly. The vanilla is powerful here, to the point where rhubarb takes a distant back seat. Slightly chocolatey with just a light layer of sweet-and-sour fruit underneath, and it makes for a lively component in an Old Fashioned. A-

Simple Goodness Sisters Lemon-Herb Drink Syrup – The herbs in question are the “classic Provence savory spices in your cupboard — rosemary, sage, thyme, and lavender.” I was expecting the herbal components to overpower here, but was surprised to see how well-balanced this syrup was. The lemon is bright and juicy, with rosemary the clear leader of the herb pack. It’s plenty sweet but not cloying, and while it’s not in the description, there’s a mint-like character that lingers on the finish. Gin is the natural choice here. A- 

each $20 per 200ml bottle

Simple Goodness Sisters Lemon-Herb Drink Syrup




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  1. Cheryl Sutton on October 11, 2021 at 6:04 am

    Love this syrup Its the best!

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